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Reminder Year 12 Teachers & Parents
04 August 2020

Dear Parents/Guardians, RE: Year 12 After School Classes (3:45pm-5:15pm) Kindly be reminded that the following classes are being held after school. Respective Year 12 students are required to attend. MONDAYS: Maths Specialist TUESDAY: Maths Applications WEDNESDAY: Maths Methods and Psychology THURSDAY: Maths Applications These classes will be very beneficial leading up to the Semester Two and the final exams, Insha-Allah. Please ensure your son/daughter attends regularly and kindly pick them up at 5:15pm sharp. Jazaak-Allahu khairan for your continued cooperation and support. Kind regards Management Langford Islamic College

Update from Principal/Newsletter July 20
30 July 2020

Update from Principal/Newsletter July 2020

2020 Non-Government School Census Collec
30 July 2020

Dear Parents/Guardians, Please find attached Notice from the Department of Education, Skills and Employment for your information. Kind regards, Management Langford Islamic College

Year 7-10 Test & Assessments Term3
29 July 2020

Assalamu-Alaikum WRB Dear Parents/Guardians, Please find attached a copy of the Year 7 to 10 Test and Assessment schedule for Term 3 2020. Also, a reminder that the Australian Maths Competition will be held tomorrow. Please ensure that registered students arrive on time (8:30am). Kind regards Administration

No Eid Prayer
28 July 2020

Assalamu-Alaikum WRB Dear Parents/Guardians, Please be informed/reminded that Eid prayer will NOT be held at Langford Islamic College. Apologies for any inconvenience caused. We wish everyone a blessed and joyous Eid, Insha-Allah. Best wishes Management Langford Islamic College

Morning Islamic Message
27 July 2020

Bismillah Week 2 Term 3 Morning Islamic Reflection: Monday https://yahyaibrahim.com/courses/prophetic-protections/lessons/modules-2/topic/the-prayer-of-repentance/ Tuesday https://yahyaibrahim.com/courses/prophetic-protections/lessons/modules-2/topic/the-prayer-of-acceptance-of-our-deeds/ Wednesday https://yahyaibrahim.com/courses/prophetic-protections/lessons/modules-2/topic/the-dua-of-light/ Thursday https://yahyaibrahim.com/courses/prophetic-protections/lessons/modules-2/topic/dua-for-curing-our-ailments-others-who-are-sick/ Friday https://yahyaibrahim.com/courses/prophetic-protections/lessons/modules-2/topic/dua-for-spouse-children-community/

Guide to SEQTA Engage and SEQTA Learn
24 July 2020

Guide to SEQTA Engage and SEQTA Learn

SEQTA Engage/Semester 1 Reports
24 July 2020

Assalamu-Alaikum W.R.B Dear Parents/Guardians, RE: SEQTA ENGAGE Alhumdulillah, Term 3 has started smoothly and we are very excited to introduce SEQTA Engage to our parents. You will receive an invitation email from the College to register, and shortly after that you will receive another document which explains how to install the SEQTA app as well as ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ (FAQ), etc. Please follow the instructions given in ‘Set Up Your Account’. Semester One reports for your child/children will be available on SEQTA Engage for you to access. Thank you for your patience and cooperation. SEQTA Engage will be an exciting tool for parents to obtain valuable information about their child/ren. As with any new venture there may be minor teething problems but these will be resolved in due course, Insha-Allah. We will endeavour to keep you posted about all the exciting features of SEQTA Engage however, your continued patience will be appreciated until the roll out of SEQTA is complete. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all parents for your cooperation in the mornings and afternoons. Insha-Allah, we will continue to collaborate in ensuring Langford Islamic College maintains a safe teaching and learning environment for all students and staff. Jazaak-Allahu Khairan. Best Wishes Dr Popie H. Rhaman Principal

Islamic Morning Reflection
20 July 2020

Bismillah Dear Parents & Guardians: AsSalamu 'alikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatu Allah grant you joy, peace and mercy and accept from us all. Our students normally attend assembly at 8:30 am and listen to a positive message. To keep up this tradition please share this video with your beautiful children as a Morning Islamic Reflection. Please follow this link: Here is the morning reflection for week 1 Term 3: Monday: https://yahyaibrahim.com/courses/prophetic-protections/lessons/modules-2/topic/prophet-%ef%b7%ba-taught-his-wife-to-worship-smart-more-than-to-pray-long-hard/ TUESDAY: https://yahyaibrahim.com/courses/prophetic-protections/lessons/modules-2/topic/3-words-to-say-at-the-end-of-your-salah/ WEDNESDAY: https://yahyaibrahim.com/courses/prophetic-protections/lessons/modules-2/topic/a-treasure-from-jannah/ THURSDAY: https://yahyaibrahim.com/courses/prophetic-protections/lessons/modules-2/topic/the-2-surahs-that-protect-from-the-evil-eye-jealousy/ Friday: https://yahyaibrahim.com/courses/prophetic-protections/lessons/modules-2/topic/the-prayer-of-repentance/ Imam Yahya Ibrahim Y.ibrahim@lic.wa.edu.au 0403965522

Update from the Principal
17 July 2020

Assalamu-Alaikum WRB Dear Parents/Guardians, I hope the holidays were productive and students took the opportunity to rejuvenate and are energised to start Term 3, Insha-Allah. Kindly note the following for your information: 1. START DATE FOR TERM THREE: Term 3 will start for students and staff on, Monday, 20 July 2020. 2. PARENTS/GUARDIANS TO CONTINUE DROPPING OFF & PICKING-UP CHILDREN AT THE GATE: Parents are requested to continue dropping off their child/ren at the gate and not take their child/ren to their classroom or assembly. Similarly, please continue to wait at the gate when picking up your child/ren in the afternoon. 3. EID-UL-ADHA HOLIDAY: The College will be closed on Friday, 31 July 2020 and Monday, 3 August 2020, for students and staff to celebrate Eid with their family, Insha-Allah. 4. STUDENTS TO STAY HOME IF UNWELL: It is imperative for parents to keep their child/ren home if they are unwell. Please note, students who are unwell (temperature/fever, runny nose, coughing etc) will be sent home immediately in order to protect the health and safety of all students and staff on campus. 5. SEMESTER ONE REPORTS: Reports will be available for parents/guardians on SEQTA in Week 1 of Term 3, Insha-Allah. 6. COVID-19: We are continuing our efforts to ensure the College campus is safe for all students and staff. Parent-Teacher meetings are tentatively scheduled for Week 8 and Week 9 of this term, Insha-Allah. These together with any other events that may be held will be communicated and confirmed towards the end of Term 3. 7. HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS TO BE DROPPED-OFF & PICKED-UP FROM NORBURY WAY: Parents of High School students are requested to drop-off and pick-up their child/ren from Norbury Way. Your High School children can collect their younger siblings and wait near the oval gate until you arrive. The car park should be used to drop-off and pick-up by parents who have mostly Primary School children. With everyone’s cooperation and commitment, let us pray that Term 3 will be a safe, smooth and productive term, Insha-Allah. Jazaak-Allahu Khairan for your continued patience, understanding and cooperation. ‘Indeed……Allah is with those who patiently endure’ (Al-Quran 8:46). Best wishes, Dr Popie Hossain Rhaman Principal