A Spectacular Ramadan at LIC

The Month of Ramadan, Allah bless us with many years of witnessing it, is a great mercy disguised in thirst, hunger and delayed gratification.

At the Langford Islamic College, staff, students & parents all look forward to the arrival of Ramadan. Every year our school prepares special activities to mark the sacredness of Ramadan. This year we have prepared a section of our website just for Ramadan.

Our students are taught that the month of Ramadan comes with an ascending, three tier self-development framework:

At the first tier, the abstinence from food, drink and spousal relations instils an appreciation for what we normally take for granted.

At the second level is the fasting of the limbs from sinful indulgences and impulses, such as the eyes that are lowered, the tongue that is more reserved, and the hands that are restricted. It is here that the words of the Prophet ṣallallāhu 'alayhi wa sallam come to heart:

“Whosoever does not abandon false speech and the acting upon it, Allah is not in need of him leaving off his food and drink.”

The third and most elevated level of abstinence in Ramadan is that of the heart. The aim is to restrain the heart from all the distractions that distance one from Allah and His messenger.

The heart is integral to a complete fast. By its virtue a believer can grow closer to Allah and in it is the root of faith. From it, correct actions are predicated on its sincerity and intention, and most importantly, love – for Allah and His Creation exists in the heart.

All of our events during the Holy season of Ramadan will, in sha Allah, emphasis this. Ramadan at the Langford Islamic College is full of amazing activities such as:

  1. Special Ramadan assembly full of Nasheed, Quran recitations, speeches, dramatic performances and colourful presentations by all of our year groups AlHamdulillah.
  2. All of our classrooms have student produced decorative art displays about Ramadan and Islam and Australia
  3. The Annual Community Lecture and Iftar is attended by over a 1000 people alHamdulillah. Sh Yahya Ibrahim delivers his pre-Iftar lecture and we all break our fast togther with our neighbours, friends and many important community stakeholders, masha Allah.
  4. Thousands attend the Eid ul Fitr prayers led by Sh. Yahya Ibrahim at our College to seal the Month of Ramadan with worship & love.

I pray that Allah accepts our fast and devotions during the sacred Month of Ramadan and that the Al-Mighty blesses us with many years to come.