LIC Family Night

The Islamic Studies Department with the unwavering support of the Parents & Friends Committee of the Langford Islamic College held another successful Family Night in August.

The mothers and fathers of the Parents & Friends Committee cooked up a storm with foods representing our broad cultural and ethnic college community. From Malaysian noodles to Mediterranean rice and meat stews to the Aussie meat pie. 

Following the evening Maghrib prayers our parents enrolled their young children to our Movie Night under the supervision of our dedicated Islamic Studies staff.

The highly anticipated continuation of Imam Yahya Ibrahim's Lecture Series “Building Positive Relationships” covered a variety of important topics. Of the important topics discussed were the pillars of a harmonious home, dispute resolution strategies, pillars of a functional marriage, bad vs good parenting strategies and how to achieve a balanced life through contemplating these important points:

  • Spirituality: How will you increase your faith? What things do you need to do to take you closer to Jannah?
  • Family: What do you want for your family in 2019? Do you need more time scheduled together, more breaks, and more serenity in the home? Be specific.
  • Health: Your body is the vehicle that you use to go places and get things done. How can you take care of it more to give you more energy, vitality and action?
  • Finances: How can you save? What needs more spending on? How charitable are you? Do you give regularly or very rarely?
  • Education: This does not mean just attending university and collecting certificates to decorate the office. This is about you seeking structured knowledge in any way you can.
  • Fun/breaks: The body and soul need breaks during which you do something you enjoy with people you love. Schedule those times.
  • Contribution: If you want to be happy/happier - GIVE back! You have talents and attributes that are only special to you and you need to contribute those talents.
  • Work: This could be your 9-5 job, business or the running and managing of your home and family as a mum. Goals like organizing time, etc. must be set for this area.

In sha Allah we look forward to hosting you again. Keep an eye our for upcoming events shared via Konnective and on our website.


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Imam Yahya Ibrahim
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