Recycled Robots In Year 1 Red

Year 1 Red students had a fun-filled and productive Term 3.  In Geography, the students learnt about recycled materials and how they are re-used.  

Teaching children to care for the environment is a learning experience, and an important part of growing up. It teaches them skills associated with respect, empathy, patience, responsibility and consequences. They also learn valuable lessons about sustainability and how we need to leave the world for future generations. Showing children how to recycle properly is like passing the baton to them for a cleaner and brighter future.  The skills that students learn by recycling will help in creating a sustainable world for them to live in. They will have a greater appreciation of the way things work, and a better understanding of our precious ecosystem.

To help enhance their learning students were given a task to complete at home which involved using some recycled materials to design and create their very own robot.  Students thoroughly enjoyed this task and produced some unique and creative robots. They were all very excited to share their creations with their friends and with students, teachers and staff.