Year 12 Graduation

The Year 12 Graduation is a rite of passage all students of the College must go through.  The College sends off our Graduates with a right degree of pomp.

It is a day where we celebrate the students’ hard work, growth and development.  It is a day where parents witness their children’s achievements.  It is also a day where best friends say good bye to each other.

The College prides in giving the Year 12 graduates and their family a day to be remembered.

The students entered the hall with the accompaniment of the Drumming sounds played by the current students of the College.
The event is filled with fun, presentations, awards and FOOD!  There is laughter, joy, excitement and tears of joy.

Highlight of the day will be the Award presentation. Some of the Awards presented are:

  • Top Students and High Achievement Awards for each subject
  • Scholarship Awards
  • Leadership Awards
  • Exceptional Endeavor and Conduct Award
  • ICAS Mathematics Award
  • Student Nomination Awards
  • High Achiever Awards
  • Dux Award