Youth Camp

School camps provide children with the opportunity to work with a variety of adults, that will nurture experiential education, build intergenerational relationships and result in a different style of learning. Teacher involvement is, of course, vital to every successful camp, with the bonds between students and teachers strengthened away from the classroom. Our students have the opportunity to form relationships through first-hand experiences with trained, caring adult role models and experience a sense of achievement in a supervised, safe and positive environment as a result.

Our camp leaders and teachers are equipped to convey teachable moments in a variety of settings whilst also developing and building upon personal competencies. These competencies should help shape a successful future for our children., of vital importance are team building and leadership skills, the ability to overcome limitations and a growth in confidence, and social and independence skills.

The College hosts annual camps for the High School students.  Our school camp offers a unique outdoor education either in the bush or by the beach.  Students have enjoyed camps at different natural environment like Woodman Point Camp by the beach, Nanga Bush in Dwellingup and Dunsborough Boys Scouts Camp by the beach.

Whilst there are many benefits to the experience of a school camp, students also discover:

  • The value of our environment firsthand.
  • Personal independence and strengths through experiential learning opportunities.
  • How to live with others in a community for 3 days and two nights.
  • Interpersonal skills - making new friends and bonding with old friends.
  • How to solve and manage problems individually and as a team.
  • Benefit of healthy eating and an active outdoor lifestyle.

Flying fox; (different length and height depending on location)

  • Abseiling;
  • Mountain biking;
  • Raft-building/Kayaking
  • Orienteering
  • Team building activities
  • Bush walk/Dawn Beach Walk