Dr Popie Hossain Rhaman was appointed the Principal of LIC in 2012. Dr Rhaman has worked in various Islamic Colleges in WA since 1995.

Assistant Principal (Curriculum & Academic)

Mr Naeem Meer has taught English, Literature and Linguistics at various schools and tertiary institutions internationally.

Assistant Principal (Religious Studies)

Imam Yahya Ibrahim is the Assistant Principal (Religious Education) at LIC, Islamic Chaplain and Guest Lecturer at Curtin University and UWA.

Business Manager

Ms Kumesh Haripersad is the Business Manager at LIC and holds a Master in Business Administration (MBA) and a Bachelor of Commerce degree.

High School Coordinator

Mr Mohammad Zaki was appointed as the High School Coordinator LIC in 2014. He has worked at various schools in WA since 2004 which includes Willetton Senior High School.