Principal's Message

Welcome to the Langford Islamic College (LIC) website. LIC is committed to providing a high standard of secular and Islamic education to equip our students to achieve success in this life and the hereafter.

LIC Principal

The College provides an inspiring Creator-centric, values-enriched and harmonious learning environment where students are nurtured to develop life-long skills for seeking knowledge and to attain their full potential. Holistic development of each student ensuring academic, spiritual, physical, social and emotional wellbeing during their learning journey at LIC, is a key focus and priority. The College provides a supportive, safe, orderly, caring and happy environment for all students and staff. With the cooperation and support from our parents, guardians, Parents & Friends Association and the College community, LIC has been able to excel.

Langford Islamic College prides itself on commendable academic achievements and high standards of akhlaq (respectful conduct). Exciting and engaging activities are incorporated into the curriculum to motivate and inspire students to work hard throughout the year and persevere to do their very best. Particular emphasis is given to the mastery of Literacy and Numeracy and this is reflected in our commendable NAPLAN and ATAR achievements.

When our students graduate from this College, we are confident that they are equipped to make a valuable contribution to the global community as educated, informed and virtuous citizens.


We welcome your interest in our College.


Dr Popie Hossain Rhaman